Despite the best efforts of the world to make life an ludicrous chain of absurdity, the sun is indeed still shining.

Happening in the World: The Shincheonji Church of Jesus in South Korea is being blamed for a large amount of infections in the region due to protests about being tested and quarantined due to the outbreak. This as well as mysterious deaths of members via falling from high stories makes this story and the question of their involvement in the spread confusing. (NY Times)

Happening in the US: Amidst instability in the stock market, the DOW rose over a thousand points despite huge falls in recent days. Global instability and fears regarding coronavirus are largely being blamed for the ups and downs. (CNN)

Happening in New York: Charles J Urstadt, the former state housing commissioner responsible for the creation of Battery Park as well as relaxing the practice of rent control, died yesterday. Urstadt served for over half a century and was an influential figure in city planning for New York. (NY Times)

Happening on Campus: Today is the second day of cancelled classes and events on campus. It looks like today will be warm outside as well, so go for a walk or something!

Joshcore Album of the Week: Seeing as the world is burning and we’re all trapped in our rooms or at home, the album I have for you is one that could be a comfort regarding isolation. This week’s album is Leonard Cohen’s Songs From A Room. A classic Leonard Cohen album perfect for people who haven’t been introduced to him previously or diehard fans.

Image Via Bwarchive