Staff Writer and GSSC Bureau Chief (Hey! If I have the title, I might as well use it) Olivia Mitchell reminisces on her first-year at Columbia as it comes to its early close– specifically the things she and other Bwoggers never did but wanted to– in the form of a Bingo. 

To be real for a second, I know I and other first-years are devastated to see our freshman year of college come to an abrupt end — although for valid, understandable reasons. As someone who struggled for a long time to find a place that was welcoming and accepting (i.e. everything my hometown isn’t) and spent years and years of hard work trying to get here, having it ripped out from under me feels like all 18 years of my life were for nothing. But the benefit of being a freshman means that I have 3 more years of life to dedicate to memories and experiences that I didn’t get this time around. So, instead of sitting around and thinking about what could’ve been, why not do what Bwog does best and make something fun out of it? Here is the first-ever “Things We Never Did But Probably Should’ve/Wanted To” bingo for first-years/transfers/hermits/anyone/everyone. Enjoy!

**Note: If you have done one of these things, then you mark it off.

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