Senior Staff Writer Henry Golub received a bad lottery number. He reviews the dorm he will likely wind up in.

Location: 70,000 West 10th Street

  • Dorms Nearby: Staten Island Ferry
  • Restaurants: I went to a Brazilian restaurant around here once.
  • Convenient access to Zoom.

Cost: Long walks to class.


  • Bathrooms: Yes, but not private.
  • AC/Heat: Only heat. You feel it?
  • Kitchen: No.
  • Lounge: Probably not.
  • Laundry Rooms: Yes, but only two laundry machines. No working dryers.
  • Computers/Printers: You can bring a laptop.
  • Gym: No, but according to the New York Exercise Authority, running to and from Dodge is a half marathon.
  • Transportation: I think there’s a bus that stops there?

Facilities: Elevators.

Room Varieties: Either 90 sq. ft. singles or 150 sq. ft. doubles with randomly assigned roommates. No sunlight in half of the rooms.

Last Year’s Lottery Numbers:

Singles (10/4000)

Doubles (10/6000)

Resident Opinions:

“This is like the McBain shaft, but without a Junzi nearby.”

“I dislike the Soviet architecture.”

“This is a disappointing place to shelter in place.”

“The last time I went to campus was during the tree lighting ceremony.”

“Not too many mice. Can’t complain.”

“Sometimes, if it’s quiet enough, you can hear New Jersey.”

Bwog Recommendation:

If you like Carlton Arms, this is like Carlton Arms on difficult mode.



The Building via Wikimedia Commons

The Building Part Two: The Return via Wikimedia Commons