As far as making terrible decisions in the privacy of your own home goes, there is no better tool than hair dye and no better time than early March.

You know the scene well: you are on hour 6 of cramming for your bio midterm, or you are on rewrite 4 of a paper, or you have just started either of these activities and realized how much you did not understand this semester. When your academic life is crumbling around you, there is only one thing to do. Buy some hair dye. So you can make an as informed as possible decision, Bwog has compiled some of the best DIY hair dyes out there.

Overtone – This brand is super popular right now, and for good reason: their dyes are ridiculously pigmented, and they even have a line of products to subtly dye brown hair without having to use bleach. (My friend just used the Pink for Brown Hair dye and her hair looks UNREAL). 

Revlon Color Silk – A tried and true drugstore favorite, this brand delivers on color, shine, and longevity, so you’ll be rocking your midterms dye job until well after spring break. It also comes with what I believe is the best applicator out there, a little two-sided comb-brush combo thing.

Manic Panic – Their dyes are vegan and cruelty-free, so you are basically saving the world by dyeing your hair. The Cotton Candy Pink dye glows under black light, so small children might think you’re a supernatural being, and isn’t that always the goal?

A Sharpie – A Bwogger (who will remain unnamed) recommends using your favorite permanent marker on your hair, with the caveat that it will only last until you next wash your hair. You sure could do that. We won’t stop you. 

Loreal Féria – You can find this dye at almost any drugstore, but don’t let its ubiquitousness fool you. One Bwogger had glowing reviews about the Cool Amethyst and Fuschia shades.

Schwarzkopf – Bwog’s senior hair dye consultant (read: she has dyed her own hair, and several other staffers’ hair many times) says this is her favorite DIY dye, hands down. 

Happy studying, and happy dyeing!