New York City is packed with amazing culture and inspiring art, but sometimes it’s difficult to break the Morningside-bubble and experience it all first-hand. “Where Art Thou” is a weekly guide to interesting and notable lectures, events, and performances for the literary/musically/theatrically-inclined on campus.

On Campus:

  • Tomorrow at 4 PM, head to Miller Theatre for Glories of the Japanese Music Heritage XV: “Women Who Made/Make Music.” The Columbia Gagaku Ensemble of New York and renowned visiting artists will perform a selection of pieces written by female composers and lyricists.
  • Professor Seta B. Dadoyan traces novel perceptions of the Armenian experience in the world of Islam at this Wednesday’s seminar, Islam in Armenian Literary Culture.  Based on sources from the 660s to the present, Dadoyan creates a comprehensive theory to explore dynamic historical developments in the Middle East. 7:10 PM in Knox Hall.
  • This Wednesday, March 11 at 6:30 PM in Avery, join architect Karla Rothstein filmmaker and John Bruce for Life in Proximity to Death: Questions of Design as they discuss their respective projects on how best to care for the dead and the dying. How do we best commemorate and place the dead? How do we understand life in proximity to death, and how do questions of design play into this?

Off Campus

  • Tuesday at 6:30 PM at the Morgan Library & Museum, grab your free student tickets to The Book of Ruth: Medieval to Modern. This exhibition presents the Joanna S. Rose Illuminated Book of Ruth, designed and illuminated by New York artist Barbara Wolff between 2015 and 2017, alongside twelve medieval manuscripts illustrating the book of Ruth dating from the twelfth to the fifteenth century.
  • Now until Tuesday, head to Lena Di Photography for their 4th International Women’s Day Art Fair, a celebration of the monumental achievements of women throughout history. A diverse and international collection of female artists’ work will be on display.

Image via Wikimedia Commons