Bwog Staff Writer Zach takes himself out to his new favorite restaurant: The Kitchen.

Ever since the start of quarantine restaurants and dining halls have slowly faded to the back of our minds. Seemingly replaced by the always under appreciated culinary establishment known as the Kitchen. Within the Kitchen Mr. Stove and Mr. Oven heat and prepare your food to near perfection while Miss Fridge chills your drinks to the absolute perfect temperature. The best thing about the kitchen, however, is that you (the customer) is in control the entire time. If you thought that being able to choose what condiments were included on your JJ’s quesadilla or what fruits were included within your Diana smoothie constituted power then you are going to love the Kitchen. The Kitchen puts the power within your hand.

Location: Usually found near or around the dining room or living room

Hours: 24/7 All day, everyday, forever.

Price: Like free once the food is in the kitchen

Accepting of Flex or Dining Dollars: No



The Pantry: (like turn left and open the drawer)

This station within the kitchen is where one can find all of their late night cravings. Think of Appletree but with much less variety and you don’t need to pay for anything. As pictured below the Pantry may include snack such as Cheezits and Welches Fruit snacks. The flavors in the pantry may not always blend together, but, after sampling many of them both individually and in partnerships with each other the conclusion has been made that pantry items are to be enjoyed in solitude of other items.

The Refrigerator: (found above or below the freezer)

The Fridge is home too many perishable items or leftovers meaning that when one visits the Kitchen the fridge is a recommended first stop. Pictured below is one of just one of the possible homemade goodies found within the fridge (Blackberrys and Chocolate!). The Fridge is also usually stocked with many refreshing beverages making it the prime destination for students on Thursday (or Monday, Tuesday, Wed…) nights after class (and they don’t ID!).


The Oven, Grill, or Microwave: (Usually close to each other – the oven can sometimes be the centerpiece of the kitchen)

Often not the source of the food itself, but rather the final product the oven is home to the actual preparation of the delicacy one will enjoy within the kitchen. Pictured below one can see toast with sesame seeds (yes I know I’m getting both creative and desperate) forged within the fires of the oven itself. Recommended uses for the oven could include: Mozz Sticks, Chicken Wings, or even Curly Fries (now ask me which dining hall I miss the most).


Bon Appétit

Kitchens via Wikimedia Commons