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20 Things To Think About While You Wash Your Hands For 20 Seconds

Bwog Staff Writer Will Lyman washes his hands. So should you.

  1. What did I eat for breakfast? Did I eat? Is time an illusion?
  2. Think about how every email or correspondence you’ve received in the last month has included the phrase “during this stressful and uncertain time.”
  3. Your limited knowledge of viruses from 10th grade biology
  4. How did you look in your last class? Will your class crush notice? Did you seem attentive, yet distant? Smart, yet approachable? Shy, yet seductive?
  5. If you’re soap is really soap or just bubble water
  6. Amanda Bynes’s performance in “She’s the Man.”
  7. Think about the last time you were within six feet of someone *shudder*
  8. I should start knitting. 
  9. Did you leave your window open in your dorm? Yes you did.
  10. My hands are kinda weird, conceptually.
  11. Is Nicki Minaj’s “Bottom’s Up” verse 20 seconds long? I should really invest in a stopwatch.
  12. The profound cultural impact of the phrase “Live, Laugh, Love.”
  13. The existence of lettuce and other leafy greens.
  14. How you’ll never see the sun again.
  15. The complex relationship between dish soap and hand soap.
  16. How you responded “you too” to a delivery person that said “enjoy your food.”
  17. I should really be streaming Mariah Carey’s new album, “Caution”
  18. The exponential increases in your screen time from last week to this week.
  19. How if you close your eyes hard enough, the essay due dates will just go away…
  20. Was that really 20 seconds? I don’t think.

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1 Comment

  • Georg Hegel says:

    @Georg Hegel My hands ARE kinda weird, conceptually

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