Bwog Staffer Elena Christenfeld knows how you’ve been feeling this quarantine season, and she has just the right jigsaw puzzle for every emotion you might be going through. 

Being stuck inside comes with a world of emotions and a plethora of jigsaw puzzles to frustrate, to bring cheer, but most importantly, to distract. But the age old question of which jigsaw puzzle should I do to correspond with my current mood is a tricky one. But Bwog has got you covered. So put away your mood-inappropriate puzzles and read below.

The Mood: Desperatetly missing the good ol’ days.

The Puzzle: A classic on a classic, a famous painting on a wooden jigsaw. Perhaps this is more a jigsaw when you’re missing the good ol’ days of gathering your own wheat, churning the family butter, or, yes, doing a wooden jigsaw. But, we like to think of wooden jigsaws less as antquities and more as classics. Wooden jigsaws are a classic and a good way to remind yourself of the life you once lived not so many months ago.

Can’t be older than Van Gogh…Right?

The Mood: Sick of your very unaware and slightly (any word)-ist or -ic family.

The Puzzle: Any women’s suffragist or women’s rights puzzle. Missing the days when all of your friends agreed with your long feminist rants? Well this puzzle makes you feel like you are right back in that women’s college environment (sorry Columbia men).

It’s round, to defeat even the squarest of your family

The Mood: Missing the structure of normal college living. Structure being a loose term.

The Puzzle: A gradient puzzle. Gradient puzzles are less about puzzling and more about perfectly arranging rows of color. While difficult and occasionally infuriating, these provide an amazing sense of control. So, while chaos ensues outside, control the heck out of this puzzle.


The Mood: Kind of drunk from family cocktail hour.

The Puzzle: A used dollar store puzzle. Nothing your drunk self can do to this puzzle will put it in worse shape.

The Mood: Anger, fear, confusion, frustration, sadness, helplessness, but somehow one feeling…

The Puzzle: An all black puzzle. Because, you know, depression.

This quarantine put your new, weird, sad self to use and do some jigsaw puzzles.

Image via PickPik