Oil prices have dropped, Immigration might get stopped, and Cuomo hopes hazard-pay isn’t blocked.

Happening in the World: Oil prices plummeted on Monday after a steady fall in the past few weeks. Experts say that oil prices this low will likely not be the new normal, and was instead a symptom of contracts expiring and barrels not being sold, resulting in crashing prices so they can be taken to be stored. This seems to be another curiosity in the time of Coronavirus. (BBC)

Happening in the US: President Trump declared last night that he would be signing an executive order stopping immigration in an effort to reign in cases of COVID-19. This comes after Trump has reportedly promoted protests to stay-at-home orders and been fighting with the WHO as well as many governors regarding how to handle the situation. (CNN)

Happening in NY: Governor Cuomo has called for a 50% hazard pay bonus for frontline workers, of which, 41% are minorities and 2/3rds are women. Cuomo is calling on the federal government to aid in the payment of these workers so that their efforts can be sustained and they can be fairly compensated for the danger of their work. On the bright side, New York State reported for the first time since April 2nd a death toll lower than 500. (Gothamist)

Joshcore Album of the Week: While my taste might be considered generally a bit idiosyncratic, I do indeed have some taste and love for the classics. As such, take one of the best classic calypso albums ever made and in my opinion a groundbreaking album on its own. “Jump Up Calypso” by Harry Belafonte was released in 1961 as somewhat of a follow-up to his 1956 album “Calypso” (also a classic). Harry Belafonte’s work spans decades, involving everything from gospel and folk to calypso and soca. His rich and diverse oeuvre combined heavy political activism during the civil rights movement have sealed him in history as not only an important artist of the 20th century, but a figure to be looked up to. And a kind of a badass.

Image that is totally crude oil via Bwarchives