Sunday morning Bwoglines, hot off the press.

Happening in the World: Rioters in Capetown were met with violent military retaliation after looting shops amidst a food shortage in the country. South Africa has been under lockdown since March 27 in attempts to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. (Daily Mail)

Happening in the US: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gave the go-ahead to reopen beaches in a press conference on Friday. The beaches in Duval and St. Johns Counties are now open for a few hours in the morning and afternoon for a restricted list of activities. These openings occur alongside Florida reaching its deadliest day yet in this pandemic as well as schools closing statewide for the remainder of the semester. (The Daily Beast)

Happening in NYC: The New York City Council will be voting next Wednesday to open 75 miles of NYC streets to give New Yorkers more room to get fresh air and to relieve that overcrowding burden on the city’s parks. Mayor De Blasio is tentative about these plans, noting that he’s looking out for the safety of New Yorkers in that he doesn’t want citizens to get hit by cars or get in the way of emergency vehicles. (Gothamist)

Jacksonville Beach via Public Domain Pictures