Bwog Staffers thought they would impart some positivity during this stressful time about nice things their professors have been doing to help out during quarantine. 

This is a shit my professors say, wholesome edition. We love a good accommodating professor! And, we could all use some positivity today.

“Once a week my FYW professor takes like 20 minutes to talk about how we’re doing. It feels nice to spend time to mutually recognize that the situation we are in is not normal and we’re going through this together”

“My neuroscience professor replaced all the exams with weekly open note quizzes.”

“My English professor canceled our midterm and final. Every class, we talk about current world affairs and she makes sure to check in with students who are still in NYC, in a different country, or have a parent on the front lines.”

“I’m in a literature seminar, and one hour into the class Professor Holly Meyers (an absolute sweetheart!) makes us all stand up, stretch, and walk away from the screen for five minutes.”

“My intro physics prof made our midterm and final open book.”

“My First Year Seminar Professor has been having her dogs appear on zoom calls… I’m so blessed they’re so cute. And their squeaky toys helps fill noise when there’s a gap in conversation'”

“Sociology Professor Adam Reich got rid of weekly quizzes, and he uses goofy iMovie introductions in his pre-recorded lectures.”

“French Professor Laurie Postlewate send us cute grandma-type messages: an email signed ‘Keep Calm and Translate French’, a video about Paris Opera ballet dancers during lockdown.”

“First Year Writing Professor Cecelia Lie-Spahn often puts a summary of her email in the first line, in case we don’t have the mental energy to read another mile-long email. she also sends a lot of virtual hugs. This is at YOU Prezbo!”

“History of Capitalism Professor Carl Wennerlind cancelled our final”

“We did a cleansing ritual in my Principles of Economics class after we were Zoom bombed, it was very wholesome.”

“International Politics Professor Katrin Katz is grading midterms so that no one gets below a C (aka everyone passes)”

“First Year Writing Professor Vrinda Condillac has been the most accommodating person ever when it comes to mental health stuff”

“My Principles of Economics Professor sends us goofy emails about the food he ate for lunch”

So it looks like professors are cancelling quizzes, making finals open note, and just being goofy humans. To all the professors who have been kind, thank you.


Image via Bwog Archives