Light wooden desks, built-in bulletin boards, and gorgeous windows: welcome to Sulzberger Hall. The newest hall in the Quad, Sulz is the only one with AC and controlled heating. So, if you are lucky enough to room at Sulz, sit back and enjoy your beautiful temperature-controlled room! 

Location: The Barnard Quad (3009 Broadway)

Nearby dorms: Sulz forms the Quad with Brooks, Reid, and Hewitt. Also, the 600s, Elliot, Schapiro, Carman, Furnald  and 47 Claremont

Stores and restaurants: Morton Williams, Shake Shake, Pret A Manger, Sweetgreen, Starbucks.

Cost: For 2019 – 2020, it was $10,826

Amenities: Within the Quad, students have access to many amenities without leaving the building. These include Primary Care, Well Woman, Furman Counseling Center, and WBAR. They also have access to the Brooks and Sulzberger study lounges, and the Brooks piano lounge. There are music rooms in the basement of Sulz, as well as a computer lounge. Sulz is a mere minute away from Barnard Hall which includes Hewitt Dining Hall and the FitBear Gym.

  • Bathrooms: There are two shared bathrooms on each floor, one gender-neutral, and another women-only.  
  • AC/Heating: Sulz has both! It’s the same machine which around mid-October will switch over.
  • Lounge/Kitchen: One per floor, shared by all students on it. There are multiple sofas, chairs, and tables. Also a TV! Includes a stove, an oven, a microwave, and a sink. Bring your own fridge! 
  • Laundry: Two laundry rooms per floor, three washing machines, and four dryers. The 8th floor has one big laundry room with many machines, but it is shared with the Sulz Tower. All machines are free!
  • Computers/Printing: In the basement of Sulz, there is a computer lounge with three printers.
  • Gym: No gym on the Quad. The Barnard Fitness Center is literally one minute away, in the basement of Barnard Hall.
  • Intra-transportation: Four elevators, two of which are designated for the Sulz Tower. Those will only stop on floors 8 and above!
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Rooms are linoleum tiled but hallways are carpeted.
  • Room variety: corridor-style doubles, triples, and quads.

Bwog recommendation:

Sulzberger is an absolutely wonderful dorm to live in! I lived on Sulz 226, just above the Chasity Gates, and I loved it. The rooms are spacious and the huge windows let in a lot of natural light. The light wooden desks and beds make the room seem even bigger when the light reflects on them. The AC and heating will ensure your room is cool in the Summer and cozy in the Winter. You are also close to the lounge and the laundry rooms, which can be really helpful. Just be careful with the cockroaches…

Resident opinions:

  • “Sulz was bomb! I’m still close friends with many of my neighbors.”
  • “I loved Sulz! Big rooms and AC, what’s not to like about it?”
  • “It’s wonderful BUT the roaches suck.”
  • “Most beautiful windows on the Quad.”
  • “Without the AC on the first week of class, l I think I would have melted”
  • “The laundry rooms were a bit small but it was manageable.”

The pretty pink mess that was my first-year dorm via Julia Tolda