No, I don’t have a switch. Yes, I play Pocket Camp. And what about it?

Since Animal Crossing has become such a popular quarantine pastime, I thought it might be fun to explore the intersections between the Core Curriculum and characters from this relaxing (?) Nintendo Game. Without further ado, here are my predictions about what your favorite AC character would be based on your preferred core requirement:

If you chose Lit Hum, Goldie’s the girl for you. This wholesome villager is always telling you about a book she’s reading—in fact, one of her iconic sayings is, “I read in a book that the sun has a strange power to make people happy.” She’s a classic Animal Crossing character who’s been around from the start of the franchise, just like how Lit Hum was one of the very first classes on the Core Curriculum. Her personality might not stand out as much as some other villagers’, but her easygoing nature puts you at ease, making her a favorite among many players.

If you like UWriting, you probably love Apollo. Though his initial appearance is quite intimidating, creating the impression that he’s hard to get along with, once you get to know him better, you’ll start to discover that he has a warm heart and even gives off some paternal vibes. I know that lots of people (including me) felt nervous about taking UW at first but gradually became more comfortable as the semester went on. And if you’re lucky enough to get an instructor you like, they can become a great mentor to turn to in the future!

If you enjoy Fro Sci the most, there’s a good chance that your favorite character is Blathers. As a museum director and paleontologist, Blathers has a passion for collecting fish, insects, and fossils. I mean, he definitely looks like he could take on the teaching role of the Biodiversity or Earth Science unit. 

If you like CC, you might identify with Chops, Colton, Eugene, or one of the other “smug” villagers. They are generally very polite and lively—one can easily imagine them having philosophical discussions at fancy cocktail parties. However, these villagers are also known for being a little bit conceited, so keep in mind not to appear that way when showing off your intellectual prowess in CC!

If you enjoy Music Hum, K.K. Slider is obviously your fave. Known for always having a guitar strapped around his shoulder, there’s no one that’s more of a musical icon than him in the Animal Crossing world.

If you like Art Hum, you probably like Naomi or Muffy. The former has a sophisticated sense of fashion and love of art galleries, and the latter has the aesthetic of gothic paintings. As someone with a keen interest in the visual arts, there’s no doubt that you’ll appreciate these two.

If your favorite class is a foreign language or Global Core, you most likely have an affinity for Pekoe and Gladys. Their appearances and favorite furniture items showcase their unique cultural background, and since you hold a strong curiosity for foreign cultures, these villagers definitely appeal to you. 

If you like Phys Ed the most, your favorite is probably Bam, Jay, or some other “jock” villager. I’m not sure why these villagers were designed this way, but their whole personas revolve around lifting weights and telling you to work out more… and you know, if that’s your thing, good for you!


Regardless of whether my predictions were at all accurate, let us know in the comments who your favorite Animal Crossing character is!

A sold-out novelty via Wikimedia Commons