Bwog returns for Week Two of Housing Coverage 2020, with the update that all of Hogan has been claimed—but you still have a shot at EC!

Welcome back to Housing Coverage: Week Two! Please check out this thread on our Twitter to stay updated on housing throughout the day or reference Columbia’s live housing counter!

We kick-off today’s housing roundup with the alert that Hogan is all gone, but there are still some spots left in EC.

What’s gone: All of Hogan is now gone! All 3- and 4- person suites in EC, 3-person suites Claremont, and 2-person suites in Ruggles are also gone. 

What’s left: We’re nearly 3/4 of the way through with all-senior housing groups, and pickings are starting to get slim. 

  • 10 7-person suites left in Claremont
  • 24 5-person suites left in EC
  • 54 studio-style doubles left in Watt
  • 27 2-person suites left in Woodbridge
  • 98 corridor-style singles left in Schapiro
  • 41 corridor-style singles left in River

What’s scarce: There are very few suites left in Claremont, EC, and Ruggles. The brownstones are also almost full. 

  • 1 5-person suite left in Claremont
  • 1 6-person suite left in Claremont
  • 4 4-person suites left in Claremont
  • 8 studio doubles left in 548 W113 Brownstone
  • 4 studio doubles left in 627 W115th Brownstone
  • 3 3-person suites left in 627 W115th Brownstone
  • 7 2-person suites left in EC
  • 3 6-person suites left in EC
  • 1 3-person suite left in Ruggles
  • 1 4-person suite left in Ruggles
  • 7 6-person suites left in Ruggles
  • 7 2-person suites left in Watt

Looking ahead:

While it’s odd that there are 13 8-person suites left in Ruggles, it’s even odder that there are 24 5-person suites left in EC. Fireworks aside, you guys really don’t want to live in EC? Okay, I guess. Also worth note: there are only 8 singles left in Nuss, traditionally known as a junior and sophomore-heavy dorm.

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Image via Bwog archive