Claremont offers homey off-campus suites with nice amenities, so if you can brave the walk (which really isn’t actually that long) Claremont is the dorm for you.  

Location: 47 Claremont Ave

  • Nearby dorms: While far away from most Columbia dorms, Claremont is close to Elliot, the 600s (600, 616, and 620), and the Quad. So perfect location to hang out with all your Barnard friends!
  • Stores and restaurants: North of campus are Pisticci, Liquors on La Salle, Broadway au Lait, etc.. On campus, Diana and Peet’s are pretty close and Morton Williams is a good supermarket option closer to campus.

Cost: $9,872/yr (standardized cost for 2019-20)


  • Bathrooms: Each suite has only one private bathroom, so keep that in mind when you are picking a 7-person suite.
  • AC/Heating: Claremont does have heating, but sadly no AC. Start buying fans now.
  • Kitchen: Each suite has its own kitchen complete with an oven, microwave, a large fridge, and pretty nice counter/cabinet space. They are a little tight, so plan cooking times accordingly.
  • Lounge: The suites don’t have a designated lounge, other than the kitchen, but downstairs there is a TV lounge. And the basement lounge is newly renovated, pretty nice, and air conditioned.
  • Laundry: There is free laundry in the basement.
  • Fire escapes: Each suite has a fire escape which is technically not to be used. At night it is possible to sneak onto one.
  • Computers/Printing: The basement has a small computer lab and a printer. And there is another handy printer in the lobby if the basement is too much of a trek.
  • Gym: One of the few dorms that does have a gym! Albeit a small gym, the gym is located in the basement and has two treadmills and an elliptical. But do keep in mind, Claremont is located conveniently close to Riverside Park.
  • Intra-transportation: One elevator, but it is slow. Many people choose to take the stairs, and the building is only 6 stories making it manageable. The elevator is the only way to get to the basement.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Hardwood! Yes! Except for the bathroom and the kitchen, every room in the suite is hardwood.

Room Variety: 

  • There are 10 7-person suites (1 very small single, 1 medium single, 1 large single, and 2 large doubles).
  • There is 1 6-person suite (1 double and 4 singles). It is located on the first floor.
  • There is 1 5-person suite (1 double and 3 singles). It is also located on the first floor.
  • There are 6 4-person suites (all singles).
  • There are 6 3-person suites (all singles).


  • 7-person suites: 10/2645 (18/19); 20/2387 (17/18)
  • 6-person suite: 26.6667/2909 (18/19); 20/2520 (17/18)
  • 5-person suite: 20/2224 (18/19); 20/2856 (17/18)
  • 4-person suites: 30/2370 (18/18); 20/260 (17/18)
  • 3-person suites: 30/2228 (18/19); 30/2163 (17/18)

Bwog Recommendation: 

Claremont’s amenities are nice, even though the fire escapes are only usable in the cover of night. The basement was recently renovated, so the TV lounge is a nice air-conditioned spot and having some exercise machines in the basement is useful. Claremont is, however, a far walk from campus, and unlike dorms on Broadway, you don’t have immediate access to shops (but Claremont truly isn’t that far and the walk is very doable). Also, while some of Claremont’s singles are large, it is still possible to end up in a very small, cramped single. But for juniors and seniors looking to feel more independent, Claremont is perfect.

Resident Opinions: 

  • “Claremont feels really homey and is a good dorm for students who want to be able to disconnect for a bit at the end of the day without being too far from campus.”
  • “The blue walls in the rooms and the high ceilings are more welcoming than any other dorm I’ve been in.”
  • “Seven people sharing one bathroom can be a bit rough if you’re not good at coordinating with suite-mates, but this isn’t a problem for the three or four person suites.”
  • “The building and some of the interior elements are pretty old, so you get to feel like you’re living in a real apartment instead of a dorm.”
  • “The kitchen is the only common space and it can get very cramped with more than just a few people in it at once.”
  • “I loved Claremont! It’s newly renovated and has fire escapes which you’re not supposed to go on, but I did anyway.”
  • “I had a single in a 4-person suite, and it’s probably one of the biggest singles in any Columbia undergrad housing period.”
  • “Only thing is that all 4-person suites are completely shafted. And it does suck that it’s far from campus, but if you have a lot of classes at Barnard/Knox/Noco/Pupin it’s actually very convenient.”