Conveniently located on Claremont behind Milstein, Elliott typically houses transfer students and returning sophomores and juniors.

Location: 49 Claremont (on the corner of 119th) behind the Milstein Center and Altschul

Nearby dorms: Barnard Quad, the 600s, Claremont

Stores and restaurants: Shake Shack, MoWill, Sweetgreen, Starbucks, Halal Cart on 12oth & Broadway

Cost: $10,435 per year ($5,413 per semester)


  • Bathrooms: One gender-inclusive and one women’s restroom on each floor.
  • AC/Heating: Central air conditioning and manual heaters in each room.
  • Kitchen: Two shared kitchens with a microwave and stove on each floor.
  • Lounges: TV/study lounge on each floor and couches in the lobby.
  • Laundry: Four washers and four dryers in the basement.
  • Computers/Printers: One computer and one printer are in the lobby behind the security desk.
  • Gym: The Barnard Hall gym can be easily accessed through the Barnard tunnel entrance in front of Elliott.
  • Elevators: One elevator.
  • Flooring: Carpet in halls and lounges, linoleum tile floor in the rooms.

Room variety:

  • Every floor has 16 singles and 4 doubles. 8 singles and 2 doubles are arranged in a cluster on one side, while the other rooms are arranged in another cluster on the other side.
  • Singles pretty generally small and vary in size from 72.8 to 88 square feet. The sizes of doubles range from 143 to 156 square feet.
  • We recommend you look at the floor plans before picking into a room, as all the rooms vary in size and orientation.

Numbers: Elliott houses 96 students, most of whom are transfers or returning sophomores or juniors.

Bwog recommendation: Elliott is great if you want to live close to campus without being ON campus like the Quad and without the street noise that comes with the 600s. It’s also conveniently located with the basement entrance to the Milstein Center out in front, which gives you straight access to the library, the mailroom, Hewitt Dining Hall, and the Barnard Gym. Beyond Barnard is located on the second floor so you can get career/internship advice in your very own building! The rooms in Elliott can be kind of small and the building is known to have a pest problem, however. If you want to live close to campus without the Quad meal plan, Elliott could be a great option.

Resident opinions:

  • It’s really quiet and the rooms are pretty small, but it’s a great way to be close to campus without actually living on the quad!

  • Overall I thought it was nice. Although the rooms are really small you could control the ac and heating which was cool. The kitchens were a good feature and the common rooms were spacious and inviting.

  • It was nice living there because the delivery people could come straight to the door.

  • I would say the best thing about Elliott was that it was right across the street from Barnard so it took me like 3 minutes to get to my closest class on a good day.

  • For me, the worst thing was how small my room was. I was lucky to get a single but my family jokes and says my room is the size of a prison cell.

  • I haven’t had this problem but I have heard many stories of people getting mice/rats (I’m not too sure which one at this point) keep crawling into their rooms and it doesn’t sound like facilities has done anything permanent to fix that situation.

  • I would say its a very introverted dorm conveniently located campus-wise and the rooms are small…and there are rats.

Images via Bwogstaff