Location: The Quad (3009 Broadway)

Nearby Dorms: Brooks, Hewitt, Reid, Elliott, the 110s, Carman, Furnald, Schapiro

Stores and Restaurants: Shake Shack, Sweetgreen, Morton Williams, Pret, Wu + Nuss, Community, Junzi, Tom’s, and many more

Cost: $10,435 per year ($5,413 per semester)


Bathrooms: Each floor shares one stall-style bathroom cleaned by Facilities, about 16 people per bathroom. The 10, 12, 14, & 16th-floor bathrooms are designated gender-inclusive and the 9, 11, 13, & 15th-floor bathrooms are designated female.
AC/Heating: Sulz Tower has A/C and heating that you can control from your room’s radiators.
Kitchen: There are two kitchens for the two sides (A and B) of each floor. The kitchens are nice and spacious with a 4-burner stove, microwave, sink and refrigerator. And an AMAZING view.
Lounge: The lounge area of the kitchen has a table, chairs, couch, and small TV.
Laundry: There are no laundry machines in Sulz Tower, so you have to take the elevator down to the 8th-floor laundry room.
Computers/Printing: Available in Sulz basement.
Gym: It’s a short walk to Barnard Hall’s basement gym.
Hardwood/Carpet: Carpet in the corridors, linoleum tile in the rooms.
Room Variety:

  • Modified corridor style
  • 96 singles for seniors only (13 x 9)
  • 14 large doubles (16 x 13)


  • 124 upperclass students, mostly Seniors
  • Not incredibly difficult to get if you’re a senior who wants to live in a single.
  • If you’re a junior, you might try your luck at a double, or there’s virtually no chance.

Bwog Recommendation

Sulz Tower is my favorite dorm I’ve lived in at Barnard, and that’s mostly the fault of the kitchen. It’s huge, has a beautiful view, and isn’t used by approximately one million people. It’s the perfect place for cooking or hanging out with friends or even hosting a dinner party. As for the rooms, I found them pretty much the same as my Hewitt room last year, but with a better view. The bathrooms are definitely cleaner and the showers more functional than Hewitt’s. I would recommend this dorm if you’re a private person who wants to control when and how they see their friends (who will always be willing to come to your awesome kitchen).

Resident Opinions

  • “The rooms are pretty small and it’s annoying to have to share a bathroom with 15 other people, but I really liked the mixture of living in a single and getting to share a nice kitchen with 7 other people.”
  • “Air conditioning is always nice!”
  • “Can’t beat the location, convenience-wise.”
  • “The views are beautiful – even facing north had lovely views of the campus and really nice sunsets.”


Images via Riva Weinstein, Megan Trach, and Bwog Archives