Did you know Eva studied abroad? 

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Eva, Columbia College, English and French and Francophone Studies, Spencer, Massachusetts

Claim to fame:
Did you know that I studied abroad?

Where are you going? 
None of us are going anywhere! I was supposed to go to Tanzania this summer on a Fulbright! We are graduating into a pandemic and everything sucks and I hate it here!!!!!!!!!!! I do have a fellowship lined up for September though.

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2024?
1. If you have the financial and academic means to, study abroad. Your friends will be waiting for you when you come back.
2. Download the TodayTix app and enter the lotteries. No one enters the Public Theater ones so you’re almost guaranteed a $0-$25 ticket.
3. Get Animal Crossing.

“Back in my day…” 
The lifeguard chairs at Dodge were next to each other so that we could talk to each other and not go crazy watching people swim back and forth for hours.

Favorite Columbia controversy? 
John JJ’s.

What was your favorite class at Columbia?
New York in 10 Objects with Alexandra Horowitz. It’s a class where you listen to and make your own podcasts.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese?
I already studied abroad in Paris so I guess cheese. My days eating cheese in Paris are over. When I was in Paris I ate a lot of cheese and bread. The bread in Paris is simply exquisite. In between classes at Reid Hall in Paris, I would go to the boulangerie and eat cheese and bread. Sorry, I meant bakery. In Paris, we say boulangerie. Did you know that I studied abroad in Paris?

Whom would you like to thank?
All my friends and family, my lovely Claremont roommates, Sévérine, and of course the one person I respect most in this world: the woman who waterjogs for two hours straight every single day at Uris Pool.

One thing to do before graduating:
Your swim test early. I’m begging you. There are too many people at the pool in May and half of them are drunk and the other half can’t swim.

Or just don’t do it and maybe a pandemic will save you.

Any regrets?
Not going to Senior Night at least once before the virus broke out.