Seriously, this went up at 9 AM. Classes are over. Sleep in, you deserve it.

Bwogline: Governor Cuomo has put forward a plan for slowly lifting restrictions for New York in four phases, the first of which is expected to begin on the 15th when the original stay at home order expires. The Governor has said that they will attempt to take the process slowly, waiting at least two weeks between phases. (NY Times)

Study Tip: If you’re trying to see how well you understand a topic or just review, try explaining it to a family member for feedback or an inanimate object. This to help see where your knowledge is strongest and where you trip up when navigating the topic. If you’re in need of a break, look out your window and try to find eight beautiful things.

Music: If you’re looking for something to get you into a study trance, try out William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops. If you need something chill to keep you going, try Alt-J’s Awesome Wave. If you want something upbeat and a bit strange to keep you aware, try Animal Collective’s Strawberry Jam.

Procrastination Tip: Pet an animal if one is available. Come up with names for objects on your desk. Start a new Spotify playlist about songs that make you think about night time.

Overseen/Overheard: From a few months back, but I was waiting for a friend on 112th and Broadway and a couple walked by me with the thickest New York accents I’d ever heard, pointed at Tom’s and said “Hey, that looks like the Seinfeld place! Is it a replica?” and I think about that every day.

Image Via Bwarchives