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Bwog In Bed: Until Next Time! Edition

Bwogline: Ever close your eyes to rub them? You’ve probably “seen” shapes behind your eyelids, despite a lack of light. Those random formations are called “phosphenes,” and a recently published paper in the journal Cell shows they have some rhyme and reason. After researchers sent successive electrical impulses along a certain region of participants’ brains, seeing and blind participants alike were able to make out the shapes of alphabetic letters via the phosphenes. (LiveScience)

Study Tip: Pay attention to the verbs in a question, be it on an exam or in a problem set. I find that while a concept might be presented in any number of different novel/new scenarios, there tend to be certain verbs that get brought up constantly in relation to said concept. This can help as a strategy if you look at a problem and have no idea where to begin—isolate a verb, search your infinite knowledge for topics relating to that keyword, and see if the topic’s relevant.

Music: “¡Djobi! ¡Djoba! Cada dia te quiero mas…”

Procrastination Tip: Remember when we all downloaded that one app that compared our faces to the portraits of yesteryears/yester-centuries? It’s called Google Arts and Culture, and they have a new-ish feature that lets you take any photo you and style it like the landscapes of yesteryears/yester-decades. The Verge has more info, including specific instructions on how to get started.

Overseen/Overheard: “Simp war.”


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