Kate has the most solid upcoming plan we’ve heard here…

Name, School, Major, Hometown:
Kate Wegleitner, SEAS, Earth and Environmental Engineering, Los Angeles

Claim to fame:
Once made banana bread and told everyone it was vegan. Later remembered the full stick of butter that was in there. If you ate it and are reading this now, I’m sorry, it was an honest mistake.

Where are you going?
To the kitchen to get more Cheez-Its. Thinking short-term these days :)

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2024?

  1. Academics are just one part of your experience at Columbia. Try to define yourself outside of them! And don’t be afraid to show sides of yourself that you’ve previously held back. One of the best things about Columbia is how diverse it is, and how genuinely we all value that diversity. The ways in which you differ from your peers are celebrated here.
  2. Look out for each other and try to always be a positive force in your communities. You have so much power to shape campus culture, something that starts on an individual level. Seize opportunities to make people feel loved, such as by caring for a sick roommate or surprising a new friend for their birthday. Seemingly small gestures can have a huge impact!
  3. Never pass up an opportunity to dance. New York and Columbia can often seem “serious,” but don’t let that prevent you from being silly. Go to homecoming, Bacchanal, etc. Have no shame in painting your face.

“Back in my day…”
Carman was shittier. Someone literally shit in our floor lounge. I didn’t witness the aforementioned incident in person but I saw and lived with the stain. Not to mention the time I walked into the elevator and there was a puddle of pee in it. I can only imagine what the people who got in after me thought.

Favorite Columbia controversy?
When the entire marching band snuck into Butler for Orgo Night. I overheard a security guard say into his walkie talkie, “They’re already in,” as if CUMB had just pulled off a major heist. To be fair, sneaking a tuba into Butler is a pretty big feat.

What was your favorite class at Columbia?
Solid Earth with Sid and Steve!! Class field trips and happy hours. Need I say more? Geology rocks :P

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese?
Given my current situation (living at home with my parents), this is a no brainer. I’ve already unwillingly given up one of these…

Whom would you like to thank?
Chef Mike + all of the Columbia dining staff giving it 110% every day–we see you, my teachers/TAs/mentors, my homies, my fam, and Cafe East for its incredible froyo <3

One thing to do before graduating:
Make it big in buy sell

photo via Kate Wegleitner