You know that blonde girl in seminar who’s a little TOO eager to participate? That was our former Internal Editor (maybe)!

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Sarah Kinney, Columbia College, Human Rights major with Education Studies minor, Columbia, MO/Jonesboro, AR

Claim to fame: Avid NSOP OL and senior Crew Captain, former Bwog Internal Editor, and that blonde girl in your seminar who raises her hand way too often.

Where are you going? Back to bed. 

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2024?

  1. Take an exciting and out-of-the-box PE class! I took karate my senior year, and it was freaking awesome. I met some cool random people, learned how to kick ass (literally), and forced myself to be a little uncomfortable by trying something new.
  2. Actually try to become friends with the people in your classes. Freshman year, my roommate and I would hold Lit Hum parties in our Carman suite and invite both of our entire classes. At first, some of our classmates were very confused as to why we would want to socialize outside of class, but by the end of the second semester, everybody loved it and it made our class bond even stronger. Even just talking or cracking jokes with the people sitting around you, be it a lecture or a seminar, will help you feel more like you belong. Also snacks. Bring snacks to class and everyone will want to be your friend.
  3. If you feel intimidated by other people in your classes and think that everyone else is smarter than you, remember that they’re likely faking it (at least a little bit). For every person you are jealous of, for whatever reason, there is someone who is jealous of you. When you let go of that jealousy and remember that everyone else is just as scared as you are, the intimidation subsides. Be vulnerable. Others will follow.

“Back in my day…” Back in my day, Carman Hall had puke-stained carpets, cinder block walls, and those iconic wooden cabinets. Also, Tuesdays were for bottomless margaritas at Amigos, and JJ’s closed at 2am.

Favorite Columbia controversy? DSpar quitting, and me subsequently having the chance to sit directly behind her during the entirety of the Varsity Show that was dedicated to bashing her. 

What was your favorite class at Columbia?

History and Ethics of Philanthropy in the American Studies department taught by Professor Tamara Tweel. We talked about the history of capitalism in the US and how it created our current system of vast inequality along with the ethics of wealth hoarding and philanthropic giving. We spent hours debating ethical hypotheticals and engaging with authors like Peter Singer and Aanand Giridharadas. It pushed my thinking into realms I had never considered and was freaking awesome.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Let’s just say that the substitutes for oral sex are many, but the substitutes for cheese are few. 

Whom would you like to thank?

First, my grandparents, without whose support I would not be graduating today. 

Second, my parents, whose endless love and forgiveness and belief in me always pushed me to reach ever higher. 

Third, my elementary school and teachers, who gave me a learning foundation that allowed me to excel beyond my wildest dreams.

One thing to do before graduating: If we were on campus, I’d say sneaking onto the Butler roof. But since we’re not, I will say just taking a deep breath and counting my blessings. Also, finishing my freaking thesis. 

Any regrets? On the one hand, yes. I regret not spending more time outside in NYC, both on campus and in the many parks that fill the city (especially now that I have no idea if/when I’ll ever be back). On the other hand, no, because regrets are futile and they will drive you crazy. Don’t beat yourself up for making the decisions that felt right at the time.


Header via Sarah Kinney