Even with the many Google Docs of information out there right now, there are still some resources that fall through the cracks when it comes to supporting BLM. We’ve collected an updated list of fundraisers, readings, businesses to support, classes to take, and more – to help guide you as a Columbia student in your support.

Note: If your club currently matches donations, please reach out to us over social, email us at tips@bwog.com, or write in the comments below so we can keep this list updated.

Where to donate:

Where to call/email, petitions to sign:

How to educate yourself:

For non-black allies, here are resources to actively learn and educate yourself against anti-Blackness:

Resources for BLM protesters:

Black-owned businesses and restaurants to support:

During the regular school year, we Columbia students live near and benefit from the Black communities in Harlem. Supporting BLM extends beyond just a single moment. Here are some Black-owned restaurants near Columbia to support/order takeout from regularly.

Classes at Columbia to take to better understand structural racism and its effects:

  • Politics of Crime & Policing, Matthew Vaz
  • Economics of Race, Brendan O’Flaherty
  • Any course with Premilla Nadasen, who specializes in race, gender, social policy, and labor and intersectional history.
  • Any course in the race and ethnicity department can also be informative, in particular:
    • Disease and Difference (a new CSER course offering, professor TBD)
    • Critical Approaches to Ethnicity and Race, Jennifer Lee
    • Speculative Fiction and Racial Justice, Sayantani DasGupta
    • Whiteness: Sentiment and Political Belonging, Catherine Fennell
    • Race and Racisms (offered in spring 2021)
  • General note: If you’re non-black and taking these classes, be careful to listen to Black voices, but do not rely on Black students to educate you (that’s what the professor and teaching assistants are there for). Be aware of the space you’re taking up in class; make sure you’re not denying vocalized Black experiences.

Mental health resources for Black students: