FreshPeople, let’s talk.

Hello, hi, greetings, and welcome to Columbia, Class of 2024! You lot are in the prime few months leading up to your first year of college, and we are so excited to welcome you all to campus (or virtually).

We at Bwog want to help acquaint you with what you desperately want to know that the University won’t provide. You can stop looking up “day in the life at Columbia University” YouTube videos now because Bwog’s FreshLetter is here with the content you crave: big sibling advice, campus photos that aren’t on Wikipedia, and plenty of our signature sarcasm about campus culture. FreshLetter is our summer newsletter designed to give incoming students a glance into your next four years.

I subscribed to FreshLetter on a whim around a year ago today, and I remember feeling instantly connected to a laid back group of people with quirky wit. Reading last summer FreshLetter introduced me to Columbia’s campus culture before I even arrived in Morningside Heights, and it ultimately lead me to find a flourishing and wacky community in Bwog.

Subscribe here for weekly summer content designed just for the first-year mind. We’ll be sending out FreshLetter every weekend to your email inbox, starting on Sunday, July 12th. Check out Bwog’s About page to find out more about, and feel free to peruse our past posts!

We hope FreshLetter serves as a warm welcome to the Columbia community and Bwog (rush Bwog Fall 2020). Welcome CU babies!!!

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