But first, a quick note.

For the uninitiated, ClubHop is a series on Bwog where we staffers go out and attend meetings for clubs we’re not part of, be that during recruitment or in the middle of the semester. We aim to explain why certain clubs operate the way they do, help direct readers to their next big extracurricular activity, and broaden our readers’ horizons on what all goes into the mess that we typically call “campus life.”

No part of campus life this semester, however, is typical. While there’s been guidance on how classes for Fall 2020 will operate, there’s been no such guidance for clubs. Executive boards across the University will have to operate in this new normal, and (as of this writing) have a lot of leeway in how they choose to operate. We’d like to see how they make those decisions.

At the same time, clubs have fewer avenues by which to advertise. We can almost certainly count on a virtual club fair, but how will Spec stay staffed if they can’t slide multiple leaflets under your dorm door? ClubHop already helps Columbia students find clubs; we aim to build on that goal this year.

ClubHop will continue to operate as before, but we’re adding a new component to it — an interview podcast. Why?

  1. Why not? It’s (current year).
  2. It’s one thing to read an interview and another thing to hear its dialogue. Hopefully, in listening to the conversations between us and different clubs’ board members, you’re able to get a better sense of the actual people behind club governance.

We aim to have episodes out every two weeks throughout the fall. If you know a club that would like to come on the podcast—or if you are a club that would like to come on the podcast—reach out to us at tips@bwog.com.

And now, without further ado, Chandler Society.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Chandler Society’s existence. Since its founding, it’s served as a safe haven for Columbia’s chemistry (and chemistry-adjacent) aficionados, of which there are a few. With weekly meetings, regular interaction with Chemistry Department staff, an annual undergraduate research symposium, an annual guest lecturer event, and service opportunities galore, it’s a very active club under normal circumstances.

In this week’s episode, we talk to the Society’s board about the way they govern their club, their plans for this fall, and why Chandler exists. Our thanks to Michael van Duinen (president, CC ’21), Myria Chen (vice-president, CC ’22), Boyuan Chen (secretary, SEAS ’23), and Amy Su (treasurer, CC ’22) for their time.

You can listen below, or find “ClubHop” on Spotify.

Header courtesy of Chandler Society