Happy hump day! Stay in the loop of the world at a very low commitment level with today’s Bwoglines.

Happening in the World: The World Meteorological Organization just discovered a new all-time low temperature for the northern hemisphere, coming in at a scarily chilly -69.6ºC in December 1991 in Greenland. (The Guardian)

Happening in the US: Johnson & Johnson has entered the final stage of its vaccine trials. This “Phase 3” of the trials started this past Monday, and the company plans to enlist 60,000 participants. (NY Times)

Happening in NYC: On the Upper West Side, Café du Soleil has installed “space bubbles” on their sidewalks. Though initially meant to protect customers against rain while dining outside, the owners of the Café now want to keep the bubbles up into the winter to enable outdoor dining in the cold. (Fox News)

Happening in the Community: As part of the “Earth Series,” hosted by the Earth Institute at Columbia, there will be an online lecture tonight at 6 pm about how climate change is literally fueling wildfires and what we can expect in the future. (Facebook)

Song of the Day: “Minimal” by ROLE MODEL. Sweet, soft, vibey, immaculate.

bubble tent via Pixabay