You can renegade to your heart’s content (but that almost-ban isn’t the most significant change the Trump Administration has made to American internet access).

Happening in the World: Paul Rusesabagina, the hotelier who sheltered over 1,000 Rwandans during the Rwandan genocide of 1994, has been arrested in his home country on charges of murder, arson, and terrorism. President Paul Kagame persued Rusesabagina, the leader of a number of opposition groups that have been exiled from the country, for 13 years. President Kagame has been accused of orchestrating assassinations of political opponents, suppressing expression, and attempting to consolidate power (he currently can remain president until 2034). (NYT)

Happening in the US: TikTok has announced that Oracle (and Walmart) will be its US technology partner in an effort to avoid the ban Trump announced on the Chinese-owned app, citing national security reasons. The app was set to be inaccessible from the Android and Apple app stores today, though that has been extended by a week in light of these new developments. However, the ban on WeChat, an app relied upon by millions in the Chinese diaspora to remain in contact with family abroad, remains. (BBC, NYT)

Happening in NYC: Dozens of protesters were arrested in Times Square during a march against Immigration and Customs Enforcement following whistleblower allegations that unwanted hysterectomies are being performed on women in immigration detention. Police boxed in protestors with large vehicles and led to a stand-off for 45 minutes after protestors refused to disperse. Witnesses at the scene described some of the arrests as “violent and upsetting to watch.” (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: Bwog will have our second open meeting of the semester tonight at 9 PM via Zoom! You can find the link at this Facebook event later tonight or email

Short Story of the Day: Laura Chow Reeve’s “1,000-Year-Old Ghosts,” tells the story of three generations of Chinese women living in the diaspora who preserve their family memory by pickling them and deal with the pain of death, assimilation, and loss.

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