It’s been a long summer and Bwog has been keeping itself quite busy.

Bwog got closer with our families

  • got drunk with my mom by the pool way too many times
  • got too high and had to have my mom pick me up :/ 
  • let my sister cut my hair (it went well)
  • drank a lot of Dark and Stormy’s with my mom
  • got really good at driving a boat, consequently re-enacted much of the TV show Outer Banks with my dad

and our friends:

  • FaceTimed people more than ever before
  • started a weekly movie night through Netflix party
  • made music videos for my friends’ birthdays! 
  • drove across the US to pick up four boxes and also hang out with one of my best friends
  •  re-realized how much I truly love my hometown friends
  • nearly wept in my grocery store because I saw some family friends for the first time in ages and became overwhelmed by a feeling of hope
  • showed my best friend around Philly and became the history major tour guide I was destined to be

Bwog got used to our new surroundings:

  • became a big fan of sitting on my front porch like an old man
  • drove around a lot of cornfields, just for fun
  • became intimately familiar with all of the neighborhood cats in an attempt to preserve my sanity
  • drove like a maniac
  • got lost in the woods. got unlost in the woods
  • went to the beach a ton

Bwog passed some big milestones:

  • graduated from my pediatrician’s office :(
  • remote interned and learned about “the workforce”

Bwog found a new love for cooking:

  • learned how to make cheesecake 
  • had a love affair with cumin and paprika
  • made terrible sourdough bread several times :( 
  • got conned into learning about chemistry and chemical properties of food through baking and cooking

Bwog engaged with the written language:

  • wrote my first piece for another organization :) 
  • read 21 books since quarantine started
  • “pretended” to “write”
  • got deeply into the Percy Jackson series for the first time
  • finished a novel ???

Bwog spent some time on itself

  • created my own life philosophy
  • became more confident in myself
  • realized life is too short not to treat yourself right <3

Bwog’s Childhood Home (Not Really) via