The results of the election for Barnard’s Student Government Association for 2020-2021 are in!

Representative for Academic Affairs: Bex Allen
Representative for Inclusive Initiatives: Parker Watts
Representative for Student Development: Krystal Zhou
Representative for Health Services: Carmela Casaburi
Representative Sustainable Initiatives: Anindita Das
Representative for Information and Technology: Cindy Espinosa
University Senator: Vivian Todd

Class Presidents/Vice Presidents:
Senior Class President: Norah Hassan
Senior Class Vice President: Phoenix (Hongjie) Chen
Junior Class President: Audrey Pettit
Junior Class Vice President: Kennedy Yeager
Sophomore Class President: Myesha Choudhury
Sophomore Vice President: Carina Layfield
First-Year Class President: Avalon Fenster
First-Year Class Vice President: Menasha Thomas

This year, 482 Barnard students voted in the SGA elections. There was a tie in votes for the position of Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees. As such, voting will remain open for this position until midnight Eastern Time this on Monday, September 28 for those who had not voted in the original election. This can be done by going to “Campus Life” tab on MyBarnard, clicking the “On Campus” section on the right side of the page, and going to the link “Vote in SGA Elections”. Information about the candidates can be found here.

Congratulations to all those who were elected!

SGA meeting via Bwog Archives