Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Chicken parm on a wrap with spinach and onion and a diet Peach Snapple.

Two slices, whatever is available that looks best.

Lactaid and an assortment of household cleaning supplies.

A lemonhead, no tomatoes, with spinach and onion. With some sort of soda and a bag of chips.

These are my go-to picks at Subs Conscious, Sliced by Harlem, Hartley Chemists, and Apple Tree Supermarket.

These four local businesses have provided the backbone of my nourishment and basic needs for the past two years for me and countless other Columbia students. Living in Plimpton can sometimes feel as though you are closed off from the rest of campus, with the back of Mudd towering overhead with no direct campus access besides up the NoCo stairs or trudging up to the 116th gates (or the St. Paul’s gates if they’re open). But everything you could ever need can be found on this corner. From all-nighter fuel from Apple Tree to a comforting smile from the pharmacist at Hartley when I’m picking up cold medicine, I can’t help but feel so grateful whenever I walk into one of these stores.

So thank you, to anyone who has ever helped me out on 120th and Amsterdam. May your sandwiches stay delicious and your shelves remain stocked.

Appletree Market Via Eva Sher