Everyone who’s anyone is going to be there.

Update: This event is happening right now! Here’s the Facebook event link again, and the Zoom link to join us!

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, WikiCU has returned to the Columbia community. And like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we need to clean this guy up before he can go out and… do whatever phoenixes do. I may have lost the metaphor, but the point is this Friday night to Saturday afternoon is the 2020 Wikithon, hosted by Bwog and ESC.

For those of you who weren’t around for the last Wikithon in 2014, a Wikithon is when the Columbia community gathers together to make edits to WikiCU, our repository of institutional knowledge, owned and maintained by Columbia students. For those of you who were around for the last Wikithon in 2014, what are you still doing here? Get your degree and get a job already!

This year, while we cannot provide free food in Lerner as per tradition, we will have one big Zoom call where you can come to meet new people and learn about Columbia’s history through research and discovery. We will also be awarding e-Gift card prizes and swag to those with the best edits and the most contributions, and everyone in attendance will receive a 2020 Wikithon badge commemorating their participation.

The big Zoom room will be open Friday from 8 pm to midnight NYC time, and 11 am to 3 pm on Saturday, to accommodate different time zones, but feel free to hop in a call with your friends as well. We’ll also be around to help anyone with technical issues and suggest which pages need updates and cool areas of research for existing pages.

Please RSVP to the Facebook event for more information, and feel free to request a WikiCU account so you’re ready to start making edits when the event kicks off. If you have any questions, let us know on Facebook or down in the comments. If you’re ready to be inspired, check out this page with the history of Columbia’s ultimate frisbee team.

See you at the Wikithon!