Oh to be admired and protected like a Unesco World Heritage site.

Happening in the World: A 2,000 year old, 37 meter long etching of a cat was discovered in Peru’s Nazca desert this week. The large design, known as a geoglyph, is one of several in the region of the Nazca lines, a Unesco World Heritage site (BBC). 

Happening in the US: An anonymous anti-fascist used Twitter to expose an Indiana police recruit’s neo-Nazi ties, leading to the recruit’s prompt termination. Former recruit Joseph Zacharek was revealed to have participated in an online forum called “Iron March” in 2016, where he propagated white supremacist ideology (NBC). 

Happening in NYC: Starting this week, New York’s single-use plastic bag ban will be enforced for the first time since Governor Cuomo signed the law almost a year and a half ago on Earth Day 2019. Supermarkets, delis, and superstores found violating the law will face warnings at first, followed by fines of up to $500 for repeated offenses (Gothamist). 

Happening in Our Community: The Barnard Center for Research on Women is hosting an event this Wednesday, October 21, called “Transformative Justice in the Era of #DefundPolice: Lessons from the Past, Strategizing for the Future.” Shira Hassan and Mimi Kim will engage with the audience in a conversation about transformative justice — past, present, and future. To attend, RSVP on the BCRW website. 

Lame Limerick of the Week: Contemplating My ~Mature Palate~

I cannot believe I’ve arrived

at this place that I once called contrived

where I drink my la croix

with unbridled joy

even though it is sugar deprived

Nazca Lines Via Wikimedia Commons