Don’t ask me where my new Gucci watch is from.

Trigger Warning: Mentions of sexual abuse and violence. 

Happening in the World: Protests in Northern Italy over coronavirus restrictions sparked on Monday as dozens clashed with the police. Many protestors used stones, fireworks, and bottles to attack police and they retaliated with tear gas. Another group of individuals in hoods also smashed windows and broke into Gucci and Louis Vuitton and left with stolen goods (CNN). 

Happening in the US: Fires continue to rage on the West Coast. In Orange County, California fires have burned 20,000 acres, wrecked 10 homes and injured 5 firefighters since Monday. Thousands in the Irvine area have been forced to evacuate as firefighters work to put out the fires (USA TODAY). 

Happening in New York City: Keith Raniere, leader of self-improvement company Nxivm, was sentenced to 120 years in prison at Brooklyn Federal Court after it was revealed that he was the head of managing many crimes within the cult-like group. Some of the things he was exposed for doing include branding members, sexually trafficking/abusing women, and racketeering (NYT). 

Happening in our community: Barnard Library Services is hosting a Virtual Halloween party on Oct 29th, at 4 pm EST. There will be fun games, crafts, and a costume competition! More information here

Fantasy Book recommendation of the week: Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

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