Happening in the World: After being hit with a second wave of coronavirus, Australia has now reached a point where for two days, they have not had a single fatality caused by the virus. This is the longest stretch without any COVID-caused deaths since July 11th (Reuters).

Happening in the US: On Thursday, a group of militia members were charged with planning to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer–the governor of Michigan. These men believed that “state governments were violating the US Constitution.” Their goal was to raid the Michigan capitol building and take as many people hostage as possible. Thankfully, their plan was thwarted by an undercover FBI agent (BBC).

Happening in NYC: Maya Wiley, Bill de Blasio’s former chief counsel, has decided it is time for a change for the city and announced her bid to run for mayor. She believes de Blasio failed the liberals who elected him and told only empty promises. Wiley believes that the incremental change de Blasio has attempted to implement has not been enough and that it is time for more serious change (Spectrum News NY 1).

Happening in the Community: According to a recent email from President Beilock, Barnard College will begin its gradual reopening process starting Wednesday, October 14th. Students and faculty will be able to conduct in-person meetings, study spaces will open at a limited capacity, and research labs will become functional. In order to access campus, you must be compliant with Barnard’s testing policy, so make sure to check out President Beilock’s email that was sent out yesterday (Barnard).

Dog Fact of the Week: In the 11th century, a dog was named king of Norway after the sitting head of state stepped down (Petpedia).

Milstein via Bwarchives