Coronavirus is making a resurgence in Europe.

Happening in the World: Rising numbers of coronavirus cases in Europe draw concerns from the international communities, especially given that many of these countries had previously handled the pandemic fairly well. France, which saw over 30,000 new infections on Thursday, has introduced a curfew, reversing previous re-opening efforts. Other countries, like Poland and Czechia, have faced record rates of new infections. Overall rates are hitting two to three times the rates from April, although death rates have plummeted. (The Guardian)

Happening in the US: Georgia Senator David Perdue purposely mispronounced Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris’s name, sparking outrage amongst Democrats, including Senator Perdue’s challenger, Jon Ossoff, who initially shared a clip of the speech on Twitter.  Earlier in the race, in July, Senator Perdue shared anti-Semitic ads, which sparked similar outrage. (ABC News)

Happening in NYC: A court settlement on Long Island this week redrew districts in the town of Islip after losing a lawsuit with Hispanic members of the community. Despite being about 30% Latinx, no Latinx person had ever been elected to the Town Board due to an at-large voting system that made it more difficult for members of the Latinx community to be elected. In addition, Islip was made to pay for legal fees as well as a monetary settlement for the plaintiffs in the case. (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: Columbia’s annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month Blood Drive is coming up, with multiple days available to students in the area (October 20th, October 22nd, and October 27th). Blood donations will be collected by the New York Blood Center. Due to the ongoing epidemic, interested students will have to schedule an appointment ahead of time. (Register here)

Food of the Week: Gouda cheese (mmmmm so good, so salty, so much lactose for a lactose-intolerant boi)

Image via Bwog Archives