Staff Writer Yuki Adams took one Fall A class and this is her review of the immersive format.

I took one singular Fall A immersive class but it met 6 times a week- four lectures and two recitation sections. Yes, two recitation sections. When they say the devil works hard… not as hard as my TA did. Let me give you my opinions

  1. You engage with the material every day. I don’t know if you want to take this as a pro or a con. On one hand, you probably have something to do every day for that class. There’s a textbook chapter to read, a quiz due, a pset to complete, and then another reading to do, and then another quiz to do, and then and then and then. The good in this is that since you engage with it every day, you do get really into the class. Engaging with the material means that you never have that weird slump of not doing anything for the class and feeling betrayed when all of a sudden the prof piles on a bunch of work. Granted, also obviously a con because some days you just want a break from the material.
  2. It meets a gazillion hours a week. I’m not going to lie I feel like I spent way too many hours doing work for my Fall A class. There was a week where we had a midterm on Thursday and a quiz due the following Monday. Or when we had a pset due Thursday, a quiz due the following Monday, and the LITERAL FINAL on Wednesday. Yes, my prof did that, and yes I live to tell the tale. Yes, I also cried in office hours with my TA… what about it?
  3. There’s less time in between classes which means minimal BS assignments that your prof can assign. There simply isn’t time for silly discussion posts or slow-paced lecture. Thank god for this because I hate discussion posts and I greatly appreciate the fact that I didn’t need to write a single one. The lectures felt way more to the point there wasn’t any unnecessary material covered. It was nice because the lecture was where I went to get exactly the content that I signed up for. If I wanted to talk about extra outside things I found interesting my prof offered plenty of office hours to accommodate that. It was the perfect setup.

All in all, I quite liked taking a Fall A class. Honestly, it’s just because ALL the fluff was cut. I will say though I’m not taking a Fall B course and I am so excited to drop to just 3 classes. Hopefully, life is going to be slightly less ~intense~ feeling. Good luck Fall B class takers!!

Image via Bwog Archives