Spending hours staring at homework and textbooks gets old pretty quickly. Bwog is here to help you jazz up your late-night work sessions with some up-and-coming female artists who will be the perfect addition to your study playlist.

Sometimes studying in a silent room can make you feel like you’re losing your mind. Sometimes you want your life to feel a little less like a documentary and a little more like a music video. Sometimes you need the perfect soundtrack to get you in the mood for that Sunday night grind. Here are some up-and-coming female artists to help you find that “I’m the cool kind of student who has their shit together” vibe, even when you most definitely do not have your shit together. (Just like me!)

Lizzy McAlpine
Lizzy is a student at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and wrote her newest album, Give Me A Minute, while studying abroad in Spain. The album is soft and lyrically beautiful, and the unbelievable harmonies bring her music to the next level. It’s easy listening at its finest, with lots of acoustic guitar and heartwarming lyrics.
Favorite songs:
“Apple Pie” – Me oh my, I found you under an April sky. And you feel like city life, apple pie baked just right. Home is wherever you are tonight.
“Nothing/Sad N Stuff” – I’m not sorry that I loved you ‘till I couldn’t breathe. It was lovely, but I know that it’s not what I need. It was good, but it’s time for me to leave.
“Pancakes for Dinner” – I wanna eat pancakes for dinner. I wanna get stuck in your head. I wanna watch a TV show together, and when we’re under the weather, we can watch it in bed.

Catie Turner
Catie Turner first came into the music scene as a contestant on season 16 of American Idol, finishing in sixth place. Her music is deeply personal and often heart-wrenching, detailing her struggles with mental health and her feelings of melancholy as she leaves home and moves on to pursue her dreams. Though Catie’s music is just calm enough to make the perfect study background, I recommend paying special attention to the lyrics when you finish working.
Favorite Songs:
“Gets Better” – What the hell is peace of mind? They say, “it gets better.” Damn, it’s taking forever…I’m showing all the warning signs, and I don’t want to lose my mind before it gets better.
“Breathe” – Nothing’s changed at all in the last five hours since you’ve texted me and asked me what was going on. I’ve been sitting on my couch, I don’t want to go out and put on a show for anyone.
“A Little More” – Got your scholarship, and I’m in LA. Yeah, we made it out like we’ve always dreamed. Never thought I’d miss the days of being dumb and 17.

mxmtoon’s music is perfect for a long night of homework, perfect for a long car ride, and perfect for pretty much everything else. Her delicate voice and simple tunes, often played on the ukulele, bring a brightness to the deep and often devastating lyrics of her songs. What results is a perfect balance of easy listening and heartbreaking beauty. It’s certainly music to add to your homework playlist, but don’t forget to give it another listen when you have time to pay attention to the sweet melodies and meaningful lyrics.
Favorite Songs:
“asking for a friend” – I’m standin’ here alone, just need someone to hold. I’d like it if you could be with me, oh, just asking for a friend, someone you’d recommend; Nothing to gain to just be with me, oh, oh, oh, just asking for a friend.
“show and tell” – ‘Cause I don’t have much to say, and I’m running out of thoughts to bring today; Show and tell is getting more mundane, no life to live or share, and it all feels so unfair.
“first” – But still know I am thankful for everything you’ve done, although it wasn’t easy, I’m proud we gave it a run. The first of many lessons that I will undergo, our journeys will diverge here, and we’ll learn from what we know.

Raveena Aurora (AKA Raveena)
Raveena’s music is almost hypnotic, with simple lyrics and a light, airy voice. It’s exactly what study music should be: fun to listen to and upbeat enough to keep you going even through the longest readings. Add in the nature sounds, including birds chirping, behind many of her songs, and you’re ready to settle in for a night of easy listening and hard work.
Favorite songs:
”Stronger” – Don’t talk too soon, I ain’t dead yet, but I am holy as the sunrise, clear as the water.
“Starflower” – Spill your secrets to the ocean tide. Let them wash into the infant light. See your reflection in the Milky Way. Know that this bed of stars will keep you safe.
“Still Dreaming” – I don’t wanna lose that feeling, sleeping in your arms, still dreaming. And if I froze time, could you forever be mine?

Yerin Baek (AKA Baek Yerin)
Yerin Baek is a South Korean singer, once performing under the label JYP Entertainment. She has since started her own label, Blue Vinyl, and is creating music with romantic lyrics and soft melodies. Her music is great when you want something a little less upbeat and are looking for beautiful ballads to back your study sessions.
Favorite Songs:
“Dear my blue” – Sometimes you seem so sad darling, but I see you’re dreaming of something, and I dreamed of you.
“Our love is great” – I said I won’t come around here no more, but take a bit easy on me, ‘cause my friends are weirder than me. You know how we are.
“0310” – Leaving is fine; It’s just I don’t wanna be falling behind again, like every time, like every moment in the end.

Lianne La Havas
Lianne La Havas is a British singer-songwriter, releasing catchy songs with uplifting tunes and fun lyrics. Her voice has a depth to it, making her songs feel almost like spoken word poetry. Her newest album, titled Lianne La Havas, feels personal and inviting, like hanging out with an old friend late at night.
Favorite Songs:
“Bittersweet” – Bittersweet summer rain, I’m born again. All my broken pieces, Bittersweet summer rain. I’m born again.
“Read My Mind” – Throw my life away, oh, I’ll die another day. Feels like I’ve got nothing to hide. Serendipity, I noticed you noticed me, those eyes caught by surprise. If I look again, oh, what’s gonna happen then?
“Please Don’t Make Me Cry” – Stay for me, my heart on your sleeve. Tread carefully, and I’ll never leave. False memories make it hard to believe, but knowing my half of my tale isn’t easy for me.

UMI’s music is characterized by strong, catchy beats and lyrics that feel like a look into her mind and soul. UMI’s clear voice shines through the instrumentals and harmonies, strong and melodic. Her EP, aptly named Introspection, is soothing and exciting at the same time, making you feel like you could drift off into a hypnotic trance or write 30 papers in one night.
Favorite Songs:
“Open Up” – The pain in my soul is making it hard to breathe, and I should’ve known that I’m still the older me. See my journey onward; sojourn home.
“Remember Me” – ’Cause I’m getting older, know that I’ve changed, but I can’t go back now; Nothing’s the same, and I won’t forget how you called my name when I was afraid.
“Breathe” – And baby I know, yeah, that it hurts to breathe; It hurts to breathe it in. And baby I know, yeah, when it hurts to breathe, I help you breathe it in.

Alice Kristiansen
Alice Kristiansen’s voice is airy and beautiful. Her covers on Youtube range from Taylor Swift to Post Malone, and she somehow manages to make every song sound like she’s writing and performing it just for you. Alice’s original music leans more toward pop, but her light, flute-like voice and catchy melodies made it perfect for this list.
Favorite songs:
“Twilight Blue” – How are you spending your time? I’m spinning ‘round, passin’ days, stuck inside this retrograde. Sunsets and sunrise, I’m somewhere in between living on dreams with you.
“Night Vision” – And when the sky’s looking starless, searching for lights in the distance, until I find that the darkness was only shade. I quiet my mind, I’m doing okay.
“Marilyn” – You like me more when I need you, and I need you more than I’m supposed to do, so tell me what happens in the end? Marilyn Marilyn Marilyn.

Happy listening, and feel free to share some of your favorite artists to study to below!

Records and headphones photo via Pixabay