It’s the little things that rob you of your will to live.

  • Ask everyone where they’re from. After each response, say “Oh really? Me too.” Never reveal where you’re actually from
  • Show everyone your pet!
  • Ask everyone about their greatest trauma
  • Start singing a duet and hope someone joins in
  • Say “aha break out rooms are so awkward amirite?”
  • Hate yourself for saying this
  • Unmute yourself and start playing Jeopardy music
  • Draw everyone and show them
  • Suggest that you all form an acapella group
  • Ask for their LinkedIns… you know they want those 500+ connections
  • Cease to exist effective immediately
  • Ask for their astrological sign
  • Predict someone’s future
  • Just close your laptop and pack it up for the day

Virtual meeting via Pixabay