Do you ever wonder what the campus buildings would get as their Myers-Briggs Test results? Wonder no more! Staff Writer Julia Tolda brings you the answers you’ve definitely been searching for.

ISTJ – Science & Engineering Library

Obsessed with duty, but with a serious but peaceful demeanor. Like NoCo, ISTJs are dependable and hard-working. And terrifying. There is something about an all-glass library that is just spooky. 

ISTP – S.W. Mudd

Spontaneous risk-takers who are also quiet and reserved, ISTPs are much like Mudd. Detached, analytical, and practical. Did I just describe your favorite SEAS student? They are probably really cool. 

ISFJ – Low Library

These nurturing and empathetic people are just as dependable as good old Low Beach. Always putting other’s needs above their own, their minds full of rich observations about people. And gossip. They do love to talk about others. 

ISFP – St. Paul’s Cathedral

Sensitive lovers of aesthetics find solace in St. Paul’s Cathedral. In the quiet pews or the underground Postcrypt Coffeehouse, ISFPs will appreciate the present and enjoy the company. And maybe cry. Who knows! The night is young!

INFJ – Milbank

Intuition is key in finding your way around Milbank, INFJ’s greatest quality. Original, they both have strong values and are known for their perseverance — we love the oldest building at Barnard. She’s been through so much.

INFP – East Asian Library

INFPs and Starr share the same quiet, reflective vibe. Their loyalty and adaptability are astounding. Where else can you cry on the bathroom couch then study for a midterm? Not like that ever happened. Nope. 

INTJ – Lehman Social Sciences Library

Analytical, INTJ’s. and the International Affairs Library love to make theories into solid plans. Structure is important for them, their standards are awfully high. Only people who have their life together go to Lehman. 

INTP – The Diana Center

Creative and logical, INTPs are like Diana: full of surprises! They are hard to understand, individualistic, and reserved. But once you do it’s like finding the Green Roof for the first time: magical.

ESTP – Lerner Hall

ESTPs live in the moment and they live it fast. Like Lerner, they are as adaptable as they come and great with people. Their mild distaste for rules is reminiscent of the iconic slanted tables. Who thought that was a good idea?

ESTJ – Dodge Fitness Center

Organized. Practical. Athletic. Like everyone’s favorite gym, ESTJs are not interested in abstractions or theories, they want the real thing. Organized is their middle name. Also, could probably kick your ass.

ESFP – East Campus

Lovers of fun and meeting new people, ESFPs are like EC — the campus’ center of attention. Where else would you live in the moment, make memories, experience new things? Please drink water though. 

ESFJ – Butler Library

Popular is the word to describe ESFPs and Butler. Both value traditions, feel a duty to uphold others and to put them above themselves. Who doesn’t look up to them? And who doesn’t find them a smidge annoying?

ENFP – Milstein Center

These idealistic people are just as enthusiastic about life as Barnard’s library. With wonderful people skills and a variety of interests, meeting an ENFP is like sitting in a Milstein green chair — all fun and games until you have back pain. 

ENFJ – Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library

The similarities lie in the concern with the external beauty and hatred of loneliness. ENFJs, like Avery, love everything beautiful and personal. It is the perfect library to whisper-chat with your friends while flipping through magazines. 

ENTP – Law Library 

With a broad range of interests, creativity, and resourcefulness to spare, ENTPs and Law Library are always excited about new ideas. They are definitely ex-debate kids, now dealing with burnout but an inability not to accidentally fight their friends at dinner. Very logical!

ENTJ – Barnard Hall

Leaders who love solving problems, ENTJs and Barnard Hall share a penchant for assertion. Although competent and outspoken, both have little patience for mistakes. Barnard Hall is the place whether you want to watch a poetry reading or get yelled at by your professor!

Milstein is for ENFPs and their cool friends via Bwog Archive.