I have strong opinions about Barnumbia buildings and classrooms, but these days those air conditioning complaints and elevator frustrations seem like a distant dream. Thus, I have decided to review every place in my apartment I have tried to do Zoom classes – because what is college without complaining?

Bed: 8/10 Stars

Certainly the most comfortable option, but I always feel just a little bit guilty when the clock is creeping past 2:00 PM, and I still haven’t left my bed. I also find it nearly impossible to attend class in bed without drifting off at least once, so it’s definitely not the best option for important classes where attention is key. Then again, with everything recorded and uploaded to Canvas, you might as well catch some extra sleep and watch class later anyway.

Couch: 9/10 Stars

Attending classes on the couch requires a bit more creativity than the bed or a traditional desk. I have to stack the pillows just right to give my computer enough support for typing, or I’ll end up awkwardly slouching down to reach a coffee table that’s too low for comfortable access. Still, the couch gives some of the comfort of bed without making me so sleepy, so it’s where I find myself doing Zoom classes most often.

Dining Table: 5/10 Stars

If I’m being completely honest, I think I’ve only sat at my dining table twice since I moved into my apartment a year ago. And I’m pretty sure both of those times were when my mom came to visit. It’s probably the most traditional desk set-up, with a typical chair and table, and it would probably be the best for productivity. On the other hand, it’s so hard to motivate myself to sit up in an actual chair and do class like a “real” student when the couch and the bed are right there, staring at me lovingly with their warm blankets and soft pillows. Thus, the likelihood I’ll actually end up attending my classes at the table is pretty slim.

Floor: 3/10 Stars

Doing class on the floor always starts with “Hey, this is way more comfortable than I expected!” and ends with “My legs are asleep, and my back is sore, and I might just never stand up again.” It’s a nice change of pace and certainly provides a different perspective, something I don’t get very often while living alone during a pandemic, but at what cost?

Kitchen: 3/10 Stars

The only reason to do class in my kitchen is if I’m rushing to make food and need to log onto class while cooking, something that happens more often than I’m happy to admit. Trying to take notes while keeping various liquids away from my laptop and preventing my precious food from burning is not a pleasant experience, to say the least. I would have given the kitchen 0/10 stars, but the presence of food warrants a bit of a bump.

The Chair In My Bedroom That Usually Holds My Laundry: 6/10 Stars

Sometimes I forget that this chair exists and that it’s not just a giant pile of clothing I haven’t put away yet, but when I do choose to sit there, it’s honestly really nice. The back can be pushed into a more relaxed position, giving it some of the comfort of the bed with the back support that the couch is often lacking. It’s also the closest seating option to the air conditioning unit, which is prime real estate most days. That being said, I’m not ready to grow up and put my laundry away in a reasonable time frame, so this chair will most likely continue to be neglected.

Stay tuned to see if I pull a Moira Rose and resign myself to Zooming inside a closet during midterms!

Zoom Photo Via Flickr