Everyone needs a little pick me up. Does yours match your academic interest?

After being a Starbucks employee for almost two years, I’ve noticed some connections between people’s personality and what they order. Now that I’m in college and realizing how each major acts a bit differently, I’ve compiled a list of the drink that I think each of the most popular majors from Columbia and Barnard would order. Without further ado..

Social Sciences: A grande Starbucks double shot with white mocha instead of classic and soy instead of 2%. A drink so unique that it makes me wonder why I feel like I’ve made this order 100 times.

Engineering: A tall espresso frappuccino with an extra shot, vanilla syrup and whip. Strong to keep you up while doing your huge course load, but fun enough that you don’t question if it’s really okay to substitute sleep for coffee.

Biomedical/Biological Sciences: A venti iced white mocha with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and extra caramel drizzle, no whip. I’m not saying that I think you spend too much time on Tiktok when you should be reviewing notes, but I am saying I’m thankful that you don’t ask for whipped cream on top of foam.

Computer Science: A doppio. Simple, delicious, and knows what it is and what it’s trying to achieve. 

English/Literature: A grande flat white. A perfect drink to have at your side while reading or writing, because it’s so uncomplicated there’s no way it can distract you. At the same time, probably one of the most interesting drinks.

Visual/Performing Arts: A venti pink drink with matcha cold foam. I’ve ever tried it so every time I make it I AM slightly concerned about the taste, but I can only guess it’s the perfect blend between sweet and bitter, almost like a work of art..

Psychology: A decaf blonde caramel macchiato. A classic with a decaffeinated twist, because I assume that psychology majors understand how horrible caffeine actually is for your body.

coffie via Bwog Archives