This week in CCSC:

  • Three new appointments were announced this week: Zoe Davidson (CC ’24) is the new Student Services Representative, and Citalli Contreras-Sandoval (CC ’21) and Colby King (CC ’22) are the Race and Ethnicity Representatives. 
  • CCSC’s COVID19 Academic Adjustments Proposal was finalized after VP of Policy Rads Mehta and VP of Communications Krishna Menon discussed ways to make it more likely to pass with the deans of academic affairs and advising. Its pass/fail, drop deadline, and withdrawal extension proposals will be presented to the Committee of Instruction soon, who will then pass or veto the academic policy changes. 
  • General body members virtually voted on whether or not they support President Joon Baek’s (CC ‘21) signing of a nationwide collaborative letter among college presidents condemning the Department of Homeland Security’s new policy restricting student visas to two or four years, depending on country of origin. The results of the vote will be announced in this coming Sunday’s meeting. 
  • VP Finance Sophia Adeghe (CC ‘22) proposed a minor CCSC constitutional amendment in lieu of COVID times that was brought to a virtual vote, the results of which will be announced Sunday. As VP of Finance, Adeghe is responsible for surveying clubs on their inclusivity protocols in the beginning of the fall semester specifically; given the unconventional year, she suggested amend this protocol to be on a rolling basis throughout the two semesters.   

This week in ESC:

  • Doran Sekaran (CC ‘23), the Roosevelt Institute’s Health Policy Center Director, spoke to ESC about a Roosevelt Institute Initiative to create a student-run COVID-19 task force. This group would work alongside the university’s existing task force on future COVID-19 related decisions. 
  • Student Health and Wellness Representative Lori Luo (‘23) offered to serve as ESC’s representative to the task force. 
  • ESC discussed concerns regarding testing and assessment in the current online learning environment. Concerns were raised about the use of Proctorio to prevent cheating. The service can track students’ eye movements and record their webcam feed. Some students worry this will be too invasive.
  • Other concerns raised included the difficulty of maintaining academic integrity with online testing. 
  • Student Body President Estevan Mesa led a discussion on a proposal to prohibit SEAS professors from assigning large projects and tests in the days immediately following academic breaks. He hopes this will allow students to spend time with family during break if they return home, as they will not have to worry about completing their work.
  • ESC members were split on whether the proposed policy would be beneficial. Some members worried that it would lead to a workload build up before and after this work free period.
  • Racial Diversity and Inclusion Representative Elias Tzoc-Pacheco (‘23) suggested that although this policy may not eliminate workload related stress, it will promote equity. On break, students who leave campus may not have the resources to complete their assignments, but with this policy in place, everyone could complete their work upon returning to campus.

This week in SGA:

  • This week Rep Council met with Jomysha Delgado Stephen BC ’96, Vice President for Legal Affairs, General Counsel, and Chief of Staff to the President, and Kathleen Veteri, Interim Executive Director of Human Resources & Associate General Counsel.
  • Both administrators are closely involved with the legal processes of the staff experience at Barnard.
  • They discussed the support Barnard has provided staff with during the pandemic, including emergency grants, travel stipends, and childcare options.

This week in GSSC:

  • There was a GSSC meeting this week but Bwog did not cover it.

Hamilton facade via Bwog Archives