Chaos is a ladder.

  • Share your snacks (but they’re expired)
  • Bubble wrap the hallways
  • Put googly eyes on the laundry machines
  • Have those tiktok ceiling lights set to strobe 24/7
  • Keep all the energy drink cans you’ve ever had and make a weapon
  • Keep a snake in one of your drawers
  • Grow moss over the bookshelf
  • Buy Columbia themed curtains
  • Press all the buttons in the elevator as you get off
  • Switch the name tags on everybody’s doors
  • Take the elevator down from the fifth floor of John Jay
  • Side note this is actually a crime
  • Take the batteries out of the tv remote
  • Crack your neck/knuckles/back/etc really loudly when you pass people in the hallway
  • Put those fake spiders that look real in the bathrooms
  • The same thing but with fake roaches
  • Offer someone coffee that you made, but it’s decaf

John Jay Via Bwog Archives