Sometimes being alone for days at a time is great. Sometimes it can be lonely. Sometimes, just sometimes, your mind goes to some pretty weird places…

I love living alone. I’m an introvert through-and-through, and I have no objections to hours of Netflix and pasta for every meal. That being said, realizing that I had not spoken to another human being in-person or breathed fresh air in 10 days was somewhat startling, and I figured there’s no better way to spend this time in isolation than sharing my thoughts with all of you!

  1. I don’t know why I’m still disinfecting my apartment when I’m the only one here, and I haven’t gone anywhere, but it feels necessary and important.
  2. If I use disinfectant spray on my pillows, do I still have to wash the pillowcases?
  3. If all I’m doing every day is sitting on a couch and attending Zoom lectures, do I really need to do laundry anymore?
  4. Was that a knock on my door or my neighbor’s door? Or is someone hammering something? Or is someone walking on the floor above me?
  5. Do my neighbors hate me because I play music? How thin are the walls in my building? How do I know if they can hear me?
  6. It’s kind of strange that I’ve lived here for over a year and still only get food from the same three places.
  7. Why do I still close the doors when I’m in different rooms of my apartment?
  8. Does fresh air smell different than indoor air? My mom always says that I need to breathe outdoor air for my health, but isn’t the air in my apartment coming from the outdoors?
  9. I wonder if the bug that’s been stuck in my apartment since the beginning of the semester considers me a friend. Probably not, considering how often I try to smash it into a table or a wall.
  10. I’m really proud of myself for not constantly shoveling food into my mouth. I’m all alone with pretty much nothing to do but eat, and no one to judge me for anything I eat, and yet I take breaks between meals! Go me!
  11. How have I already watched three full television shows since the beginning of the semester? Is my mind now made up entirely of TV quotes and references? (Yes.)
  12. I could clean my apartment on a regular basis, or I could just clean it once before someone visits, and no one would ever know the difference. Why would I clean regularly when I’m the only one here?
  13. I just slept until 1 pm, and it was one of the best days of my life.
  14. Why is my couch so much less comfortable than my bed? Why is anywhere so much less comfortable than my bed?
  15. Maybe I should drop out of school and make soups full-time.

Bedroom photo via Pixabay