Staff Writer Angelina Nicolosi takes you through all the dorm decor she’s wanted, still wants, or puts in her cart to pretend like she’s going to buy it.

Though the god-given right to extravagantly decorate my dorm room and regret my choices weeks later has been stripped from me in the face of a global pandemic, the simple fact remains that dorm decor is often really, really cool. And expensive. Here’s a list of things I would really like but can’t quite afford. If you have any of these things, know that I envy you.


  • The Coma Inducer comforter. I don’t know how cold it gets in the dorms (thank you again, global pandemic), but with this blanket, I don’t ever see myself shivering. Or making it to an 8:40 am class on time.
  • This Ouija board throw pillow. If it’s not comfortable, it can at least be used to summon something (Halloween party, anyone?).
  • This black throw blanket. So what if my hypothetical dream dorm looks like a classier version of Hot Topic? Black attracts heat.


  • I need everyone who meets me to be aware of my full natal chart. I can at least communicate my sun sign with this zodiac sign poster if it wasn’t obvious enough that I’m a Pisces.
  • I actually already have this, but in the Target kids section, you can find a super cute wire shelf in the shape of a cloud. The Target kids section also has Minecraft plushes and dinosaur lights, so I think everyone should shop there more often.
  • Communicate your obsession with celestial bodies via this sun and moon decor.
  • Every Barnumbia student needs a map of New York, or at least of Manhattan. It’s actually mandated by PrezBo at the end of his ridiculously long emails.
  • Though completely useless as a functional mirror, these hexagon wall tiles are really cool. I like to think of myself as a little bee on top of Barnard Hall, with the mirrors being my honeycomb.
  • If you want to write quirky messages, you should get one of these boards. Make sure it says something appropriate before you have visitors.


  • Who doesn’t love a cute little tray? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a cute little tray.
  • Yeah, I take notes on my iPad. Yeah, I keep Tombow brush pens, Mildliners, and Pilot Juice Pens in a cute pencil holder. We exist.
  • I bought this mouse pad from a small business and got a $10 credit to use on Amazon Prime Day. Do with that information what you will.
  • Having a big mirror is not enough. You need a smaller mirror to distract yourself while you sit at your desk. I like this one because it comes with a cute little tray attached.
  • Most importantly, everyone needs a mini Millie bear (or Roaree, if you’re into that) to peacefully watch them while they work.

dorm via Bwog archives