Professors work hard to teach us in an online format. And perhaps their only break in the day is when we are in breakout rooms. So what do our professors really do in the main session all by themselves?

What Professors Do While Everyone is in Breakout Rooms 

Recently, I’ve resorted to rewatching my lectures because I don’t pay enough attention while in class. One of my favorite aspects of the rewatch is seeing professors alone in the main session for a significant period of time while everyone else is suffering in breakout rooms. So, what do professors do while we are all trying to make awkward conversation with people we barely know? Maybe something like this… 

  • Crying (professors—they’re just like us!)
  • Playing among us with students that join the Zoom late 
  • Joining breakout rooms only to be greeted by a sudden silence and a wave of regret 
  • Looking up “Funniest Zoom Backgrounds” 
  • Practicing their stand up routines 
  • Vlogging a day in their life
  • Wondering how many times per class can they put students in breakout rooms
  • Commenting on Reddit threads 
  • Attempting to suppress their simmering mid-life crisis as it comes back up with a fury
  • Stalking Columbia Confessions (on Facebook)
  • Registering to vote!
  • Trying the Kylie Jenner lip challenge 
  • Updating their super interesting email signature
  • Giving themselves a beach Zoom background as a form of temporary escapism 
  • Reading Bwog 
  • Putting themselves on mute just for a change of pace 
  • Resuming the Netflix show they had to stop watching when class started 
  • Designating an arbitrary amount of time for the breakout rooms that is often much too long or way too short

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