In which a lactose intolerant Bwogger sacrifices her body to tell you where to find the best iced latte near campus.

Though some will (incorrectly) claim that iced coffee is a drink reserved only for warm weather, I find it to be an ideal drink at all times of the year. And so, as a caffeine fiend coffee lover I set out to find the best iced latte near campus.

Despite me being lactose intolerant, all of these were tried with real milk for the sake of consistency, as the lactose free options that cafes have often varies.

Hungarian Pastry Shop

They have the lids where you don’t need to use a straw!

The iced coffee from Hungarian was an overall pleasant experience. It’s definitely not as strong as others—it’s milkier, but it still tastes really good. Though the coffee flavor is not as strong, and unlike some of the others I tried, it’s not burnt. This would be a good coffee to have if you’re someone who doesn’t love the taste of coffee (and if you’re like me and are a goddamn addict, it’s still really good.) The flavor is nice—it’s very smooth, and in my opinion doesn’t need sugar, but if that’s your thing go for it.

Also: at least as of today, Hungarian is offering indoor seating. Cases are rising, so be safe and please don’t do this!

Location: 110th and Amsterdam


Overall Rating:4.5/5


The coffee from Oren’s was a borderline spiritual experience. Honestly, it’s good enough to make any coffee lover cry, and dare I say it, to taste good even to those who swear they hate coffee. Overall an ideal coffee experience. 

The only downside to Oren’s is its dangerously close proximity to campus—potentially dangerous for one’s bank account depending on how much of a caffeine addict you are.

Location: 112th and Broadway

Price:$4.90 with the student discount

Rating: 5/5

Wu and Nussbaum

Apparently I decided coffee with milk wasn’t enough lactose so I also got a bagel what am I doing to myself

Wu and Nuss does solid coffee. It’s not mind-blowing, but it’s good, and even though it’s one of the least expensive options on this list, you get a GIANT coffee. It also doesn’t hurt that you can get a bagel while you’re at it. Overall, I’d say that this is probably the best value coffee on the list: the coffee is decent, and you get a lot of it. 

Location: 112th and Broadway


Rating: 4/5

Plowshares Coffee Roasters

This is what the perfect coffee looks like

There are no words that I could use to accurately describe what a sublime experience drinking this coffee was. This coffee would probably do your pset for you. If someone told me that this coffee would bring world peace, I would believe them. It’s a little bit further away (125th), but it is ABSOLUTELY worth it—I went with a friend while the weather was disgusting and we both agreed that it was totally worth walking in cold rainy weather for this coffee. Since they’re a roastery, they also sell beans so that you can enjoy their coffee without having to walk to 125th every time!

Location: 125th and Amsterdam

Price: $5.25

Rating: 10/5

Blue Java

Drinking this coffee made me question the choices that led to me drinking this coffee

Blue Java may be convenient, and you may be able to pay for it with dining dollars, but do yourself a favor and don’t get their coffee. This is the type of coffee that makes you remember that coffee is just bean water. It has a very weird and not at all pleasant undertone, it’s strangely watery, but all of the bad flavors still come through, and there’s not enough milk. For those brave souls who decide to give it a try, I would strongly recommend adding sugar in order to somewhat mask the nastier aspects of the flavor.

Location: In Lerner



Joe’s Coffee

Look how tiny it is

If I had to describe the coffee from Joe’s in one word, I would pick “overpriced”. The coffee is slightly burnt, but not so much as to completely ruin the flavor. While it doesn’t need sugar, it does take the edge off the burnt flavor if you add just a little bit. I definitely didn’t feel as awake after drinking this, probably because when you get a small from Joe’s, it is SMALL. This was one of the most expensive coffees on the list, yet was way smaller than the others. 

Location: By the Journalism Building

Price: $5.10 for a tiny ass cup

Rating: 3/5

Final Ranking

  1. Plowshares
  2. Oren’s
  3. Hungarian
  4. Nuss
  5. Joe’s
  6. Blue Java