I honestly love it when weird things go into space so I’m just going to imagine this is actually a dog house.

Happening in the World: Sentinel-6, a new NASA satellite that very closely resembles a doghouse, is set to take off from an Air Force base in Central California today at 12:17 pm EST. This satellite will be used to track sea levels and is also equipped with tools to improve other weather-related tracking. (NASA)

Happening in the US: As the world awaits COVID-19 vaccines, a new obstacle has popped up in their transport: they need to be kept extremely cold. The Pfizer vaccine needs to be kept at -70 degrees Celsius (-94 degrees Fahrenheit) during transport, which is about 50 degrees colder than any other vaccine on the market. In order to safely transport the vaccine, dry ice seems to be the most likely candidate. (CNN)

Happening in NYC: City Winery, a restaurant located right off the Hudson, will begin requiring all diners to pay $50 to take a rapid COVID-19 test in order to eat indoors on Tuesday. The restaurant is already fully booked for the day this new policy begins, and the restaurant hopes that requiring a negative test result right before dining will protect them from any future indoor dining restrictions placed on the city. (Gothamist)

Happening in our Community: Dean Tara Hanna and Residence Hall Director Haley Carson are holding a chat with pastries and coffee from the Hungarian Pastry shop on campus in the Van Am Quad on Saturday the 28th at 10:30 am. The event is limited to ten people at a time.

Film of the Week: Megamind (dir. by Tom McGrath)

dog house satellite via Wikimedia Commons