Good morning, Columbia! Today is a beautiful day for President Trump to consider accepting the election results.

Happening in the World: On Thursday, a deadly helicopter crash occurred near Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt. The eight people in the helicopter were part of a peacekeeping force in Sinai, Egypt. Seven of the eight passengers in the helicopter died. The Multinational Force and Observers said it does not believe there was foul play involved (BBC).

Happening in the US: As votes are still being counted from the election, Arizona was called in favor of President-elect Biden. He won by a narrow margin of only 11,000 votes. Biden is also the first Democratic candidate to win Arizona since Bill Clinton in 1996. Biden won the Electoral College by an overwhelming majority, and despite President Trump’s accusations of voter fraud, government officials are saying that this presidential election has been the most secure in our history (New York Times). 

Happening in New York: Seventh-grader, Grace Moore, is breaking down barriers as one of the youngest composers for the New York Philharmonic. At just twelve years old, she had a world premiere at the Philharmonic, playing the piano, where she performed one of her own original pieces. Grace hopes to inspire other kids of color to pursue their musical dreams (Pix).

Happening in the Community: The Athena Center for Leadership just announced via email that there will be a virtual Women’s Leadership Conference on December 3rd and 4th. This conference will examine how the events of 2020 have affected women in business and how to find future economic success in 2021. Find more information about the event here.

Dog Fact of the Week: President-elect Joe Biden will be the first president to have a shelter dog in the White House (New York Times).