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Even over Zoom, CCSC is the place to be. Whoever thinks that student government is boring, I am here to tell you that you’re wrong. I’d do anything to crack open a nice bottle of wine with these general body members because they really do keep the spirits alive even amidst the never-ending midterms season.

This week, VP Policy Rads Mehta (CC ‘22) was quite busy working with other E-board members on addressing questions raised at last week’s meeting regarding financial aid, refunds, and on-campus facilities. After Race and Ethnicity Representative Colby King (CC ‘22) inquired last week about refunds and TAP funds not yet been dispersed, VP Mehta and VP Communications Krishna Menon (CC ‘22) met with Dean Kromm to discuss. According to Dean Kromm, refund processing has largely been completed, with a majority of students having already received theirs. Those who have not received a refund and were expecting one likely had recent changes in their financial aid, and if they remain concerned should contact the financial aid office. As for the TAP funds, the first batch has been sent and those who requested TAP refunds and have not received should contact financial aid immediately. 

VP Mehta also collaborated with VP Finance Sophia Adeghe (CC ‘22) on the CCSC-ESC Resource Fund merger which would pool the resource funds from both student councils and create a joint pool for both colleges. The two CCSC VP’s will be meeting with a financial aid representative and ESC representatives soon to work out the final logistics by finals so that students needing academic resources for final exams can receive them. 

Regarding facilities, VP Mehta met with the administration’s VP for Campus Services Scott Wright to talk about gym openings, and library and Lerner hours. According to Mr. Wright, Dodge Gym is supposed to already be open at this time, so expect that to happen soon. They are also looking into opening the residential hall gyms as well as potentially putting gym equipment in Lerner for students living on campus to use. Looking towards the spring, CCSC and Wright plan to have more hours for Lerner and Butler, and Mr. Wright is hoping to leave more buildings open for student reservation and academic use. Finally, VP Mehta and Academic Affairs Representative Zayba Qamar (CC ‘22) finalized and sent via newsletter to SEAS and CC the COVID-19 Professor Unfair Conduct Form, a place for students to report grievances of unfair or harsh professor behavior during these virtual times. This form will serve as a “what not to do to students during 2020” guide for faculty and the administration in the present and spring semesters. So, if you have any complaints of egregious professor behavior, submit a form! 

VP Campus Life Justin Rossman (CC ‘23) successfully created a co-sponsorship form for clubs seeking a relationship with CCSC.  Fill out this form if you are a club or an organization seeking funding, administrative guidance, advertising advice, or want to simply have a relationship with CCSC! This will hopefully aid CCSC and student group communication processes during the virtual times. If you are a student organization directly addressing diversity, equity, or inclusion, reach out to the leader of CCSC’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, Brandon Shi (CC ‘22)! Your organizations may qualify for specific funding from CCSC’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fund!

 In other news, President Joon Baek (CC ‘21) announced that GSSC is seeking support in their efforts to convince the university administration to accept the CARES Act, thereby accepting federal money. If the university were to accept, per the CARES legislation, 50% of the federal funds must be allocated to students. While most Ivy League institutions rejected these funds, GSSC is actively working on a letter signing campaign directed towards PrezBo and Provost Katznelson. CCSC held an open discussion on the topic to get a gauge for general body members’ questions and concerns which President Baek will investigate further for answers with GSSC. Bad press, financial aid repercussions, and immediate student financial needs were all inquired about by various general body members. Following President Baek’s conversations with GSSC this coming week, there will be more clarity on CCSC’s next move regarding this campaign.

Hello, congrats, you made it to the end. If you read my entire CCSC write up in the second week of November 2020, firstly I applaud you and you should applaud yourself. These general body members just keep themselves so busy they got me working my butt off on Sunday nights! I just can’t let any of this juicy info be missed! But seriously, as a final note, and something close to my heart as I too am a transfer student, Transfer Representative Shelly Michael (CC ’22) has finalized the transfer students survey! I’m personally calling all fellow transfer students to submit your responses so that CCSC can attend to your specific wants and needs! Surveys are fun and a great way to procrastinate other, less important work! Until next week, everyone remember to treat yourself!

Image via Bwog archives